STYLE: 3D CGI Animation
GENRE: Social-Emotional / Comedy
TARGET AGE: Pre-School 2-5
LENGTH: 52 x 5 Minutes
STATUS: In Development/Pre-Sales

In a plain clean world, simple and bright, live the Animukis —a very special kind of happy, friendly animals that love to play and have fun.

With the help of a cheerful Narrator, the creative little Jirafita and her friends will have an endless number of playful adventures as they discover the world around them and learn that the greatest emotions often come from the smallest of things.

“ANIMUKIS is a show for girls and boys from 2 to 5 years old, which encourages them to understand both their emotions and those of others’, with empathy and optimism —all while learning to develop emotional intelligence and acquiring important values in a fresh, original and FUN way”