GENRE: Comedy
TARGET AGE: 6-12 Years
LENGTH: 26 x half hours or 52 x 11 min.
STATUS: In Development

Clueless, curious, kooky chickens on wild, funny adventures.

Never let the fact that you are totally clueless stop you from having fun! 

Clarence Chicken loves life. His motto is “It’s a good day to be a chicken!” 

Curious and upbeat, Clarence is the most level-headed of the flock, which isn’t saying much. Clarence loves to read (while moving his lips), figure stuff out, and smilingly walk into dangerous situations totally unaware. 

No one knows why Clarence is so big. He just showed up one day on the farm …as a ginormous egg.

CHICKEN BIG is about what happens when an innocently wide-eyed flock encounter the big wide world around them.

CHICKEN BIG is adapted from the internationally acclaimed book of the same name written by Keith Graves. The series is created by writer/producer Rob Moreland (“Gnome Alone” and “Happily N’Ever After”) and author Keirth Graves (Chicken Big, The Monsterator, Gnasty Gnarlies)

A GraveRobber Production in Association with Bejuba!