STYLE: 2D/3D Mixed
GENRE: Comedy
TARGET AGE: 6-12 Years
LENGTH: 26 x half hours or 52 x 11 min.
STATUS: In Development

Elwood Pie is a 12 year old kid living in Mud Lake.

The town is a regular magnet for paranormal activity which makes it the perfect place for someone like Elwood who loves to collect things. Not boring things like baseball cards and postage stamps but strange and unusual stuff.

His massive collection is legendary and he keeps it all housed in a local storage facility. The place is a maze-like labyrinth of overflowing shelves and boxes crammed with everything from radioactive dinosaur droppings, zombie eyeballs preserved in vinegar to a rare mint condition Sasquatch toenail clipping.

Elwood's hobby takes him on adventures far beyond the fringes of Mud Lake. Each episode features weird stories and urban myths all told from a kid's perspective. Repairing a crashed UFO for a lost alien, helping a Ghost Biker make the leap into the 5th dimension and unearthing a frozen caveman in the freezer section of the local Shop n' Save is all in a day's work when you're the most fearless collector of all time.

A Kapow Pictures Production in Association with Bejuba! - In development with ABC Australia