STYLE: 2D Animation
GENRE: Comedy / Adventure
TARGET AGE: Pre-School 3-5
LENGTH: 51 x 11 Minutes / 26 x 30 Minutes
STATUS: In Development / Pre-Sales


Etta is bursting with joy! She now has her very own pet to love! A star, Fizzy!!! She had been hoping for a pet like the ones her friends have, like a unicorn, beast or dragon, and is determined to be the best star care-giver ever. It was serendipity that brought them together the night she wished on a star for a pet and got her little guy, and it’s love that will keep them together. 

Follow Etta in her adventures of taking care of Fizzy, and learning how to take care of her new pet. Like the time she lost Fizzy. She learnt to keep a better eye on him and he learnt to not stray that far. No-one has ever had a star before, and Etta can find nothing about training one. Having a brand new pet that no one has, will have its challenges, and of course many joys. Etta is going to make sure that anyone else who is lucky enough to get a star will learn from her. That’s why she’s making her Star Guide!

 Let the adventures begin.  



A Big Jump Entertainment Production