STYLE: 2D Animation
GENRE: Holiday
LENGTH: 1 x 90 Minutes

When Sail decides he's had enough of the other penguiuns' teasing, Sail confides in his only friend Blizzy, that he's going to the North Pole to ask Santa to grant him his Christmas wish.

Sail stows away on a plane headed to Santa's workshop laden with letters for Santa. Meanwhile, Blizzy convinces the other penguins to try and bring Sail home so they go to meet him on the plane. When it takes off with all of them aboard, the adventure really takes off!

As the penguins get closer to the North Pole, their plane is hijacked by Sky Pirates after Santa's mail. It turns out the pirates, are unhappy, elves-gone-wrong, with a mind to destroy Christmas.

Sail gets away and returns the letters to Santa. Although Sail is rewarded with his wish, the Sky Pirates strike back stealing the reindeer. Only after the Pirates almost ruin Christmas do they realize that they were angry with Santa for all the wrong reasons...Sail shares his gift of flight with the other penguins in order for them to pull Santa's sleigh. Together everyone pulls together to save Christmas!

a Cheshire Smile Animation Production in association with Bejuba! Entertainment