STYLE: 2D CelAction
TARGET AGE: 4-6 Pre-School
LENGTH: 26 x half hours or 52 x 11 min.
STATUS: In Development

Flora of the Forest centers on a singular 7-year old powerhouse of a girl. Flora is a playful, animal loving, tree hugging, universe exploring adventurer.  She and her Mom, a natural scientist, live in a treehouse in an old growth forest.

Flora’s daily adventures are driven by her passionate curiosity and nurtured by the warmth,  camaraderie and goofiness of her animal friends. Their endless exploits in the forest are intimate and epic, inspired and silly, and always enlightening...naturally.

Flora loves dirt and climbing trees and buttercups. And lizards lizarding…And frogs croaking… And every single living creature under the stars. It’s a long list of loves. And it’s mutual. Wherever she goes the flowers perk up, the butterflies gather, and even the mud gets squishier.

In each 11-minute story, Flora’s shares the joy and comedy of true friendship and the wonder of wandering freely to uncover the secrets of the forest. Our girl collects treasures in her satchel, creates arts & crafts out of leaves and bark (or anything she can find) and endlessly questions everything, making unusual connections that will leave our viewers inspired and hungering for their own adventures.

This is the kind of charmed, rustic, playful life that speaks to the imagination and the curiosity of the innately brilliant: 4 -7 year old kids and their families.


A Koko/Rose Media Production