TARGET AGE: 4-6 Pre-School
LENGTH: 78 x 7 min.
STATUS: In Development

For something refreshingly fun and new in preschool, meet Flora of the Forest - Citizen Scientist, Journalist Extraordinaire! - an original show that brings together natural science and arts & crafts, in an utterly distinct and original visual style created by illustrator Jo Rose.

Seven-year-old Flora lives in an epic treehouse with her scientist mum in the middle of a forest. She is one-part artist and one-part scientist - and one-hundred per cent bestie to the animals in her inner circle: Rowan the fox, Barley-Crumb the badger, and Lockhart the deer…and Sunny Bunny, often found snuggling in her front pocket.

Mum’s work at the nearby natural history museum, her study in the treehouse brimming with journals, artefacts, bones, tools, bugs, and other fun stuff, and the forest itself provide endless fodder for fun and adventure.  There’s always something intriguing to investigate, record, and recreate, with the help of Flora’s friends, goggles, journal, polaroid, and whatever forest supplies she has at hand (mud paint anyone?)

Flora of Forest stars a cast of characters that are both fun on the inside and genuinely beautiful on the outside, resulting in a visually unique and stunning show. The instantly recognizable artistic design of the characters is the hallmark of the show’s creator Jo Rose, who is also the creator of Deer Little Forest, a gorgeous arts & lifestyle brand represented in 25 countries.

Flora of the Forest is a Koko Rose Media production in partnership with Canadian KidsCo and Bejuba! Entertainment.