STYLE: Live Action/CGI
GENRE: Twisted Fairy Tale
TARGET AGE: Pre-School
LENGTH: 50 x 5 min. or 20 x 11 min.
STATUS: Available now!

Fuzzy Tales is an all new take on some classic tales starring the cutest baby animal stars you've ever seen!

When the animals at Fuzzy Phil's Pet Shop decide that they want to act out story time using fairy tales, they put an entirely different spin on our treasured stories. Snow White as played by a pot-bellied piglet! Goldilocks as played by a budgie!

The classics will be recognizable to the viewers but will all have funny, silly and different endings than the kids will expect! A captivating blend of live-action baby animals and beautiful water-colour backgrounds. "Fuzzy Tales" offers a fresh, spirited approach to mixed media that is adorably irresistible!


A Brain Power Studio Production in Association with Bejuba!