STYLE: 2D Animation
GENRE: Comedy / Mystery / Adventure
LENGTH: 26 x 22 min

Reversing a curse is never easy, especially when you have to go back in time to return artifacts stolen by a mischievous and eccentric old ghost!  When 4 kids decide to explore an old mansion and come upon a ghost there, their lives change.  Theo is trapped in his derelict mansion unless he returns his stolen antiques to the rightful owners he stole them from in the first place.  Whenever the kids and Theo touch a stolen antique, they get transported back in time.  Then the fun begins as they have to figure out who the piece belonged to and return the artifact in a timely manner!  When the kids time travel, they too take on ghostly powers, which takes some getting used to!  Boo!

A Three's a Company  PTY Ltd. Production

Sold to Network 7 Australia