STYLE: Live Action CGI
GENRE: Mystery / Comedy
LENGTH: 26 x half hours / 1 x 90 minute movie

Based on the concept by Terry Kalagian
and Geoff Skinner.

Chances are you probably won't believe any of what I'm about to say. Evil monsters from another world are knocking on Earth's door. And if it opens? Let's just say our sweet, peaceful world is going to become Hell on Earth. Literally. So on the off chance you DO believe me, don't worry. It's all being taken care of. Every hundred years or so when this happens, someone brave steps up to stop it. Some of them you've heard of: Beowulf, Van Helsing, Sherlock Holmes… Yeah. Pretty serious butt kickers. But don't freak out when I tell you that the person that's followingin these footsteps just started High School. He's also my best friend. LEO JONES.


I know what you're thinking. Can a 15 year old really save the world from unspeakable otherworldly evil? This one can.


A Bejuba! Entertainment Production. In development with TELETOON Canada