STYLE: Live-Action
GENRE: - Comedy, Education
TARGET AGE: Pre-School
LENGTH: 26 x 7 minutes
STATUS: Available Now -  English and French


Meet the CUTIE PUGS, a family of pugs, that talk, play and have fun together.  

Penny, Petey, Poppy and Pablo wake up each morning on Furrytail Farm to the bright yellow sun and Mr. Rooster cock-a-doodle-do’ing.   Along with Dee Dee, a caring and curious little girl, her parents, and Mama Pug and Papa Pug, the CUTIE PUGS make new friends and explore the world around them.  

Each day is a new adventure with play, singing, laughter and discovery.  Their catchphrase song, “What is it and what does it do?” sets them off on a path to new adventures; meeting farm animals, playing with a bouncy ball, riding in Dee Dee’s new wagon, chasing bubbles, climbing a hill and rolling down it.  Each experience introduces positional concepts and descriptive vocabulary like up/down, or near/far and creates a big excitement in their little world.   

CUTIE PUGS is an adorable colorful, live-action series that aims to entertain and teach early preschoolers about their world through simple, interactive play-based learning.  It promotes inquiry, language and vocabulary skills and explores nature, animals and the magic of everyday experiences.  



A Little Engine Moving Pictures Production for TVO and TFO; In association with Knowledge Network and SRC. Made possible with funding from Shaw Rocket Fund and Cogeco Production Fund.