We’re always on the look out for new shows and the new great idea.    We cherry pick our properties, and those shows become our babies.   We’re a boutique company.  We pride ourselves on our shows, and are delighted that so much of the world likes our taste!

With our worldwide network of contacts, we can help you to place your project get it financed and get it seen.   We’ve nurtured our relationships over the years and have our ears to the ground listening for the next trends, next needs and next wants.
The children’s and family media business is enormous but it’s also very small.




We’ll help you to take on your project, will help shape it, and get it in front of the top decision makers in the industry.  We’ll match you with compatible and like-minded people and studio to get your baby off the ground.

We look at projects from early development onwards.   If you don’t have the images yet, no worries.  In fact, we’ve had animated shows go into development with broadcasters without designs.




If you want to talk, reach out to:

Tatiana Kober
+1 310 428 7192