STYLE: CGI Animation
GENRE:  Preschool
TARGET AGE: Pre-School

Format:  52 x 11 minutes/26 x half hours


Origanimals To The Rescue!

Meet "The Awesome Four" or "A4" as everyone knows them. They are the greatest wildlife rescue team in the world!  Whether you're lost, feeling blue, stuck in the mud, or feeling helpless about something, call the A4! They will get you back on the mend and feeling fine!

This unique series follows the adventures of our 4 young heroes: Ryan Rhino, Fiona Fox, Zoe Zebra and Khye Koala as they save little animals around the world who need help.  We also get to learn more about the animals they're helping. A true gem!

A Giggle Garage Sdn Bhd Production