STYLE: CGI Animation
GENRE: Comedy-Action
LENGTH: 13 x 30 half hour (26 x 11 min)
STATUS: Available now

Meet JIBBER and JABBER, two seven-year-old fraternal twin brothers with inexhaustable imaginations and only one thing on their two minds: ACTION and ADVENTURE

Jibber and Jabber share the same imaginative point of view. It is as realistic to them as if the event is actually taking place...with all the excitement, fun and danger that comes with high adventure.

The audiences' point of view moves back and forth between the boys' imagination and the real situation as it unfolds in their house and backyard as witnessed by their older sister, Jessica and pet dog, Jelly Roll.

2009 BC DIGITAL MEDIA AWARD - Best Digital Animated Series
2009 GEMINI AWARDS WINNER - Best Composer
2009 GEMINI AWARDS - Nominee, Best CGI
2009 GEMINI AWARDS - Nominee, Best Animation
2009 GEMINI AWARDS - Nominee, Best Scriptwriting
2009 IFFF AWARDS - Best CGI and Direction
2009 PULCINELLA - Best Character
2008 LEO AWARDS WINNER- Best Sound, 
Direction, Music and Screenplay

A YTV Original Series produced by Northwest Imaging & FX, Jibber Jabber Toons Ltd Production!