STYLE: Live Action/2D Animation
GENRE: Pre-School
TARGET AGE: Preschool
LENGTH: 20 x 2 minutes
STATUS: S 1 available now - S 2 in production

Play along and guess with Quizzine! A series where fun clues are given to kids to describe a fruit or vegetable, until they can figure out what it is.

When the answer is revealed, a fun easy snack is shown which kids can create and enjoy with their parents. The Quizzine Web Site will feature the fruit or vegetable with fun recipes along with games and quizzes. Quizzine inspires children to explore culinary diversity, discover new foods and create an appetite for healthy and fun eating through laughter and appetizing imagery. It's a quiz on the cuisine!

Quizzine Productions 1 Inc. in association with Cheshire Smile Animation Inc., Image In and Bejuba! Entertainment

French format licensed by Canal Plus France and produced by Canal + and Image In