STYLE: 2D Animation
GENRE: Comedy
TARGET AGE: Pre-School 4 - 6, Bridge
LENGTH:52 x 11 Minutes/ 26 half hours
STATUS: Available Now

The Shutterbugs are a crack team of friends that investigate unusual activities in their hometown of Murky Marsh. The trio consists of Flick the firefly, our lead, Harvey the horsefly, and Opal the Orb-Webber Spider.  When things go bump, or don’t make sense, the Shutterbugs uncover the mystery, and help us better understand the situation using logic and our five senses. 

Shutterbugs is a fun-filled series that offers young viewers an opportunity to understand their world through comedy, discovery, and exploration.   Shutterbugs’ goal is to illuminate first time experiences, by looking at them from a different angle.  Flick, Harvey and Opal will help our audience develop their reasoning skills by identifying a problem and applying a solution that emphasizes simple scientific, mathematic and reasoning concepts.  



A Shutterbugs Production * Produced by Amberwood, Infinite Frameworks, Big Jump Co-Production• Commissioned by TVO, Knowledge Network and SRC Canada