STYLE: Flash Animation
GENRE: Comedy-Action
TARGET AGE: All ages
LENGTH: 26 x half hour/ 78x7 min
Shorts 10 x 2:30 min
STATUS: Available now

This series follows the antics of three daredevil brothers (Xan, Adi and Enk) who live for action and excitement. Leaving behind their little-known homeland of Rendoosia (where danger is a way of life) the Adrenalini’s are on a mission to amaze people the world over with their mind-boggling feats; which are spectacular in the extreme, but never turn out quite as expected! No country, national monument, town, street or supermarket is safe from their daredevil obsession

AWARDS:  BAFTA - Best Children’s Series, 2007
PULCINELLA - Best Series All Ages

Shorts: Annecy Award - Viewers’ Pick
Animundi Award

A Pesky/Studio B Co-Production in Association with Bejuba!