TARGET AGE: Pre-school
LENGTH: S1 - 26 x half hour/ 78 x 7 min  SERIES 2 - 26 x half hour/69 x 7 minute and 3 x half hour specials (Christmas, Halloween and Summer)
STATUS: S1 and S2 Available Now

The Hive is a colourful animated series for pre-schoolers featuring the Bee family, who live together in Honeybee Hive. Pappa Bee, Mamma Bee, Buzzbee and Rubee are really just like any other family, except they are tiny, stripy and buzz around in the sky!

The Hive is about the everyday things that concern little children such as playing, being friendly, spending time with your family and finding out all about the world and how it works. And thanks to the Bee family’s many friends, neighbours and relations, including Miss Ladybird, Katypillar, Willy the Wasp and Queen Bee, The Hive is always bustling with fun, adventure and lots of exciting things to see and do.

A Monumental, Lupus Films & PPC Production