LENGTH: 52 x 2:30 minutes
STATUS: Looking for Presales

Each episode will take the viewer on an exciting and comedic jouney to meet an extraordinary creature in its natural environment, finding out bizarre and amusing facts along the way.

From dinosaurs to Octopuses, Platypus's to Pereneciums, amazing creatures from the distant past to the present day will star in "The Feature Creature".

Episodes will feature a stylised caricature of the creature in question, often introduced in terms of a more relatable creature. For instance, to demonstrate the link between dinosaurs and birds, for our Tyrannosaur (pictured here) (yes...they had feathers!!) we'll first meet a chicken. Facts will be accurate and interesting and the humour irreverent and self-referential.

Each episode will be accompanied by an awesome VR experience, allowing the viewer to literally take a ring side seat inside the episode, and don't worry, if you find facing down a twelve meter T-Rex a littel too intense, you can shrink the world down until it's the size of a mouse!


A Fandango Production & A Jamba Entertainment Co-Production