STYLE: 2D Animation
GENRE: Comedy
TARGET AGE: 6-12 Years Old
LENGTH: 52 x 11 minutes/26 x half hours
STATUS: In Production / Delivering Q3 2017

WishFart: What could go wrong?

Dez, an optimistic but rookie leprechaun, has crazy
misadventures as he and his friends, a Japanese ghost girl named Akiko and a puffin named Puffin, scramble to undo the consequences of wishes he’s granted that have gone
fantastically wrong.

Dez, an impulsive fifteen year-old, is a new generation of
leprechaun. He doesn’t want to listen to his reclusive
stuck-in-the-old-ways parents, or hide under a bridge at the end of a rainbow like Uncle Stan. He wants to hang out with his friends, and grant wishes because it’s a totally boss thing to do.

The catch is that Dez is still learning how to wield his powers, so often the wishes he grants have a way of going sideways, getting out of control, spazzing in extraordinarily random
directions, and tearing apart the fabric of the multiverse. So if Dez wants his freedom (and to actually have somewhere left to call home), he has to keep saving the world from the havoc he wreaks, and do damage control for the chaotically improbable.

A WishFart/Bejuba! Production