STYLE: 2D Animation
GENRE: Comedy
TARGET AGE: 5+ Years Old
LENGTH: 52 x 11 minutes/26 x half hours
STATUS: Available Now


Dez, 15, is the first ever leprechaun of his kind. Rebelling against everything we know about leprechauns as gnarled, anti-social creatures, Dez is carving out his own path. He doesn’t follow his parents’ cautiously reclusive style, or live in a storage locker at the end of a rainbow like his grumpy stuck-in-the-old-ways Uncle Phil. He doesn’t wear a green suit or have buckles on his shoes. Dez dares do what no leprechaun has done before -- freely and spontaneously grant wishes. Because it’s a really fun thing to do.

The catch is that Dez is still learning how to wield his powers, so sometimes (meaning always) the wishes he grants go sideways, get out of control, and spin in extraordinarily random directions. Facing ultimate doom is pretty hairy, but luckily for the world, Dez, unlike other teenagers, cleans up his messes. He and hislegendary buddies, Akiko and Puffin, have wild escapades while undoing the chaotically improbable consequences of wishfarts gone fantastically haywire.

A WishFart/Bejuba! Production, Produced with the assistance of Shaw Rocket Fund, Teletoon Canada (Corus)

Sold to: CITV UK, Cartoon Network UK, Israel, Middle East, Canal Plus France, ABC Australia, Discovery Italy, RTBF Belgium, 2 x 2 Russia, Ukraine, Kuwait