Bejuba! Brings in The Honey with The Hive

Bejuba! Entertainment Inc. has signed a raft of new deals for The Hive, announced Sandrine Pechels de Saint Sardos VP of Distribution. Bejuba! holds worldwide rights for both TV,DVD and digital distribution on behalf of The Hive Enterprises and has secured new DVD deals that will see a Russian language version distributed by Noviy Disc in Russia, Georgia and CIS, whilst Magna will undertake distribution of the English version across Australia and New Zealand. For TV, Bejuba! has secured new broadcasting deals with ABC Australia,YLE in Finland, and Hop in Israel..  Please change order and announce broadcast deals first

The Hive is a new CGI series from The Hive Enterprises Ltd, produced by Monumental Productions, Lupus Films and DQ Entertainment, and comprises of 26 x commercial half hours(78 seven-minute) episodes, which follow the fortunes of the happy, friendly and extremely cute Bee family, who live together in Honeybee Hive. Storylines explore the themes of family, working together to solve problems, being part of a diverse community, and caring for the environment. The show recently started airing on ITV`s `The Fluffy Club`

"Bejuba! is so excited The Hive have been placed with these prestigious broadcasters around the world. The series is so appealing we are confident that the buzz will continue", says Pechels de Saint Sardos.

These new deals add to an extensive worldwide television presence for The Hive - Walt Disney Company EMEA has already picked up the show in a multi-territory deal that will see The Hive shown from early 2011 on the channel in France, Germany (GSA), Italy, Spain, South-east Asia, Korea, Japan, India, Latin America, Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.