Bejuba! To unleash the award winning alien "Jack" on 6-9'ers




Feb. 15, 2013 - TORONTO: Bejuba! Entertainment has picked up the TV and home entertainment
rights worldwide minus Australasia, for the award winning 6-9 CGI animated series, "Jack" (52x 11
min/26 x half hours). A third season of 26 x 11minutes has just been greenlit for a 2014 delivery.
Jack is a comedy/adventure series about a curious explorer from another world who wants to learn
about Earth and why things are the way they are. Together with his two Earth buddies, and his alien
pet, Jack finds out why our tummies rumble or what happens to the rain. Created and produced by
Sparky Animation in Singapore and Groupe PVP in Canada, broadcasters SRC, TVO, Knowledge
Network in Canada jumped on for the ride. The series has just been nominated for a Canadian
Screen Award for Best Animation Series. Last year, it won a Gemeaux, the presitigous French
Canadian television award for best kids' website, and was nominated for Best Animation Series.

"The series is perfect bridge programming for kids who aren't pre-schoolers anymore and who want
fun and entertainment that's just for them. The show weaves facts about the world in a way kids
love the greenlighting of the 3rd series proves that. We're delighted to add it to our catalogue",
says Tatiana Kober of Bejuba! Entertainment.

Pat Ellingson of TVOKids says, Kids love aliens, science and adventure. JACK takes all of the
above and brings science to life! This series has become one of the key brands for tvokids on air
and online. We are thrilled to be going into season 3.

"Every Jack episode characterizes a really funny and original scientific phenomenon. Says
producer, Francois Trudel from Groupe PVP, It's all about being genuinely entertained whilst
effortlessly learning cool stuff. Alongside the unparalleled CGI animation provided by Sparky...I
reckon that the Jack series delivers a truly refreshing and unique experience".

Jack is a humorous series which encompasses a wonderful array of science themes. With each
episode, we see a rich variety of visuals which ignites the senses and brings us into the scientific
realm. Says KC Wong of Sparky Animation. The nature of the show is as such where there is
constantly a new visual appeal, eliminating all monotony with its ever dynamic environment. Kids
and peers alike will definitely be entertained and educated on this thrilling roller coaster ride with

Small Screen Distribution holds Asian and Australian TV and DVD rights.