Stella and Sam Head into Mipcom Securing New Sales

Bejuba! Entertainment announces a raft of deals as they zoom into MIP .

Sandrine Pechels de Saint Sardos, VP of distribution announced a raft of deals for Bejuba!  Entertainment today.  “It’s been a busy few months, and we’re delighted that we’ll be entering the market with a host of new deals. “

“Stella and Sam”, the pre-school series produced by Radical Sheep Productions for PLAYHOUSE DISNEY Canada – Family Channel, has been sold to TFO, YLE, NRK, HOP,  .  The series is based on the hit book series by Marie Louise Gay which have sold over 1 million books worldwide, and been sold to over 30 countries.  Stella and Sam are brother and sister who embark on adventures led by older Stella.  The series launches on October 3rd in French.

Zooville – a 52 x 5 minute series celebrating the animals in your neighborhood and  created by B612 has been sold to Cartoon Network Italy, and TVO.  The series is in its third season on SRC Canada.  A smashing new website has been created with the help of the ….Media Fund.  The website adds an entirely new dimension to the factual and entertaining series.

Bun and Bunee, a series of shorts 52 x 1 minutes has sold to Disney Latin America.

The Hive has also secured more sales as it begins its delivery.  YLE Finland, ABC Australia, Hop Israel have all pre-bought the series.