SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, Monday 16 October 2017…. 

Anima Estudios, SLR Productions, Home Plate Entertainment together with Telegael are pleased to announce Bejuba! Entertainment has taken over the international distribution of the animated comedy series, “Teenage Fairytale Dropouts”.

As part of the new distribution deal for the series, the 52 x 11 minute series has been renamed “Awesome Magical Tales”.

The HD flash animation series tells the story of Jeremiah, Fury and Trafalgar, three best friends and second generation fairytale characters who are determined to be themselves  – no matter what their well-known fairytale parents think about it.  

“We can’t wait to begin working with Bejuba! on the distribution of “Awesome Magical Tales”.  It is a fantastic and age-appropriate animated comedy series that has been incredibly popular on the broadcast channels it has aired to date.  We trust with Bejuba! on board for distribution and the series’ new name that it will be popping up on more television screens across the world,” said Anima Estudios’ VP International Sales and Co-Productions’ Gaston Cami.  

“We are excited to be working with Bejuba! Entertainment on the distribution of “Awesome Magical Tales” and we look forward to growing the audience further with Tatiana and her team.  “We’re also delighted to announce the recent renewal of the series on ABC Me and are thrilled to know that Aussie kids can continue enjoying the adventures of Jeremiah, Fury and Trafalgar’ said Executive Producer and CEO of SLR Productions, Suzanne Ryan.    

“We’re delighted to add this series into the Bejuba! catalogue.  As well as being funny, it offers a unique perspective into the lives of the offspring of famous fairytale characters.  Not to be defined by their parents’ reputations, these kids are forging their way through and making their own mark,” said Bejuba! Entertainment’s President Tatiana Kober.  

Jeremiah may be the son of The Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk but that doesn’t mean he’s going to follow in his father’s enormous footsteps, stomping villages and eating people.  Besides, he still has some growing up to do, literally.  Jeremiah may be a tween but he’s still waiting for his “giant” growth spurt.  And Fury may be the daughter of the Tooth Fairy but dental remuneration is not in her future — “way too creepy”.  Plus, there’s the embarrassing fact that her fairy wings haven’t…ah… sprouted yet.  Then there’s Trafalgar, one of Merlin’s many nephews, who actually has potential — if he just didn’t lack so much focus in his hocus-pocus.  

Together this trio is out to prove that even in the wacky, up-side-down, unexpected world of Fairytale Estates - you can be your own giant, fairy or wizard - as long as you have your friends along for the “souped-up” pumpkin carriage ride of your life.


About Anima Estudios

Anima Estudios is Latin America’s leading animation studio. Since it was founded in 2002, it has produced several feature-length movies including “Top Cat”, “Here Comes the Grump” and “Wicked Flying Monkeys”, breaking box office records along the way. It has also released highly successful series such as “El Chavo”, and “El Chapulín Colorado”.  It is the first studio in Latin America to produce an original series for Netflix. 


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