Disney Junior Commissions Second Series of The Hive

Disney UK, Disney France and Disney EMEA(Germany, France, Scandinavia, Spain, Italy, Central/Eastern Europe, Poland, Middle East, Turkey, and Africa)  have commissioned a second, 26 x half hour/69x7’ series plus 4 x half hour specials series of the popular, animated pre-school series The Hive. Created by London-based production company Lupus Films, Monumental Productions and DQ Entertainment, it is produced in Association with Bejuba! Entertainment, who handles TV and home entertainment rights with Space Enterprises handling the M & L.  The new series is currently in production and has just launched on Disney Jr in the UK and will roll out in other territories in 2016.. It will also include three specially-written autumn, winter and summer themed half-hour episodes written by BAFTA award winning head writer Bridget Hurst.

Set in the delightful community of Honey Farm, The Hive follows the adventures of a host of adorable characters including inquisitive Buzzbee, bossy Rubee, giggly Babee, loyal Barnabee, busy Postman Spider, stoic Worm and the birds Fluff and Feathers.  

In this second series the world of Honey Farm will be extended to introduce some new locations including the Buzz Stop, a great place to hang out with friends, a mobile muffin van, from which Mamma Bee sells her cakes, and a new community centre, where the gang gathers to try out new activities. 

In addition some exciting new characters will join the cast including teaching assistant Miss Butterfly, sports teacher Mr Grasshopper, café proprietor Barry the Beetle and a mischievous new pet for Jasper, Midge.

“We are bee-yond excited that Buzzbee and his friends will be buzzing back for a new series of adventures on Honey Farm,” says Ruth Fielding, joint MD Lupus Films.  “The series has flown to success all around the world and we delighted to be able to satisfy demand for the show with so many exciting and refreshing new episodes”.

“The international demand coupled with Disney’s desire for a second season of this very popular and loved show showed us that we had to make more episodes.  We’re delighted to be bringing new episodes to MIPCOM JR

Buzz Bumble starts its World Tour

January 28, 2015–Toronto: Bejuba! Entertainment announced that POP UK, Zoom Israel, and TVNZ New Zealand has acquired the television rights for Buzz Bumble, the 6-­‐12 animated comedy series.  The series produced by Blue Rocket Productions in Tasmania and Criya VFX Studios in India, was commissioned by Nine Network Australia.  It follows Buzz Bumble and his blowfly buddy Joe Blow, and their backstage antics in their cardboard theatre. 

Sandrine Pechels de Saint Sardos, VP Distribution at Bejuba! Entertainment added:  “We are so pleased that the series is taking off around the world, and are delighted that POP is the first European broadcaster acquiring Buzz Bumble. The comedy and the unique animation make it a very different series that will attract many other broadcasters”. 

Francesca Newington, Head of Children's Channels at Sony Network's CSC Media Group, added:  “We are delighted to have licensed Buzz Bumble. It is the perfect addition to the POP line-­‐up and it brings with it the silliest slapstick comedy we know our viewers love to watch.”  

David Gurney, Blue Rocket’s Executive Producer and creator of Buzz Bumble, said “The mad humour of this show has really hit the spot with kids in Australia and it’s great news that the show is going to be seen on POP UK, Zoom Israel and TVNZ. We’re thrilled about these deals Bejuba has put together and we know our partners at Criya VFX Studios are as well.” 


About Bejuba! Entertainment Inc. Bejuba! Entertainment is a leading boutique executive production and distribution company which brings top quality children's and family entertainment to the global marketplace. The catalogue is filled with over 500 half hours of award-­‐ winning content. Bejuba! specializes in distribution, rights management, co-­‐productions, closing-­‐gap financing, third-­‐party acquisitions, licensing & merchandising. The company maintains a growing catalogue of award-­‐winning children’s and family-­‐oriented animated and live-­‐action programs. Titles include Stella and Sam, The Hive, Big Block SingSong, Buzz Bumble, and Fuzzy Tales. Bejuba! Entertainment has offices in Canada and the US. www.bejuba.com

Origanimals to the Rescue!

Bubble Bath Bay launches with international partners and top creative team


ORIGANIMALS to the Rescue

Oct. 2, 2013 - Toronto - Bejuba! has just signed on to distribute the pre-school series, ORIGANIMALS. Aimed at 4 to 6 year olds, the series is created by Malaysia's Giggle Garage. Malaysia's Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) is also providing support funding and marketing support for the program.

The series consisting of 26 x half hours, or 52 x 11minutes has begun delivering episodes and is expected to be fully delivered by June 2015. Origanimals will premiere at the 2013 MIPCOM Junior screenings in Cannes, France.

Kamil Othman, Vice President of Creative Multimedia Division in MDeC said “We are excited that Bejuba! has added Origanimals to its children's programming, which we hope will open doors for more local creative companies such as Giggle Garage to gain international exposure and further strengthen Malaysia's position as a world-class creative industry hub.

Planet Origami is home for the Origanimals, a colorful community of origami animals. The series follows the adventures of four loveable young Origanimals - a wildlife rescue team known as the Awesome Four or A4 for short. Their mission is to help troubled Origanimals around the planet by using their problem-solving skills and their creative input.

In 2012, Origanimals won the Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (Seoul Promotion Plan) Best Planning Award in Seoul and also the 14th Tokyo Broadcasting System Digital Content Animation & Movie (TBS/Digicon6) Golden Award for Malaysia region in Kuala Lumpur.

"The artwork is very unique and distinctive. The stories are engaging with a lot of heart," explains Tatiana Kober, President of Bejuba! We've been following the progress in the project's development since the beginning and we believe the series has grown from strength to strength.

Juhaidah Joemin, Managing Director of Giggle Garage and Executive Producer of the series added that While filled with fun adventures and captivating stories, Origanimals promotes arts and creativity, bringing back the simple pleasure of creating something out of paper.

With Bejuba! having wide networks focusing on top-quality animation programs, we are looking forward to establishing a long term relationship with them. It is really an exciting moment for us to be able to share this beautiful property with young children and family through this relationship, said Zeno Gabing, Executive Director of Giggle Garage.

Bejuba! To unleash the award winning alien "Jack" on 6-9'ers




Feb. 15, 2013 - TORONTO: Bejuba! Entertainment has picked up the TV and home entertainment
rights worldwide minus Australasia, for the award winning 6-9 CGI animated series, "Jack" (52x 11
min/26 x half hours). A third season of 26 x 11minutes has just been greenlit for a 2014 delivery.
Jack is a comedy/adventure series about a curious explorer from another world who wants to learn
about Earth and why things are the way they are. Together with his two Earth buddies, and his alien
pet, Jack finds out why our tummies rumble or what happens to the rain. Created and produced by
Sparky Animation in Singapore and Groupe PVP in Canada, broadcasters SRC, TVO, Knowledge
Network in Canada jumped on for the ride. The series has just been nominated for a Canadian
Screen Award for Best Animation Series. Last year, it won a Gemeaux, the presitigous French
Canadian television award for best kids' website, and was nominated for Best Animation Series.

"The series is perfect bridge programming for kids who aren't pre-schoolers anymore and who want
fun and entertainment that's just for them. The show weaves facts about the world in a way kids
love the greenlighting of the 3rd series proves that. We're delighted to add it to our catalogue",
says Tatiana Kober of Bejuba! Entertainment.

Pat Ellingson of TVOKids says, Kids love aliens, science and adventure. JACK takes all of the
above and brings science to life! This series has become one of the key brands for tvokids on air
and online. We are thrilled to be going into season 3.

"Every Jack episode characterizes a really funny and original scientific phenomenon. Says
producer, Francois Trudel from Groupe PVP, It's all about being genuinely entertained whilst
effortlessly learning cool stuff. Alongside the unparalleled CGI animation provided by Sparky...I
reckon that the Jack series delivers a truly refreshing and unique experience".

Jack is a humorous series which encompasses a wonderful array of science themes. With each
episode, we see a rich variety of visuals which ignites the senses and brings us into the scientific
realm. Says KC Wong of Sparky Animation. The nature of the show is as such where there is
constantly a new visual appeal, eliminating all monotony with its ever dynamic environment. Kids
and peers alike will definitely be entertained and educated on this thrilling roller coaster ride with

Small Screen Distribution holds Asian and Australian TV and DVD rights.


The Hive buzzes onto Disney Junior US


Boutique distributor Bejuba! Entertainment has secured a broadcasting deal with Disney Junior US to air preschool series The Hive from October 2012.

The 26 x half-hour series from Monumental Productions, Lupus Films and DQ Entertainment is now seen in more than 150 countries worldwide and has been a ratings success in the UK on Disney Junior and ITV, as well as internationally on Disney Junior, and in Australia on ABC.

The Walt Disney Company has now taken cable and satellite rights for the series in all territories except Australia and Israel.

Recent deals include sales to Canada’s TeleQuebec and Knowledge Network, Finland’s YLE, Australia’s ABC and Israel’s Hop.

Expansion across platforms is also moving forward thanks to a deal made last June by the IP’s licensing agent Space Enterprises that will bring the series to the LeapPad learning tablet and Leapster Explorer console.

In addition, Space and Avanquest are set to launch iOS mobile apps based on the brand and other licensees include Jupiter Toys (wooden toys and furniture), Mookie Toys (master toy), EMI Publishing, Moonpig, Blues Clothing and Aykroyds TDP.

Bejuba! Entertainment has acquired the distribution rights for the new 2D animated comedy adventure series called "Ghosts of Time"

Bejuba! Reports Ghost Sightings to Increase

June 20, 2012 - Bejuba! Entertainment has acquired the distribution rights for the new 2D animated
comedy adventure series called “Ghosts of Time”. The 26 half hour series is produced by Three’s a
Company Productions in Australia for Network 7. The series is for 6-12 year olds and follows the
adventures of a group of friends who have to help a cursed and mischievous ghost return his stolen
wares. It’s delivering now.

“A fresh fun series like this is just what the doctor ordered.” Says Tatiana Kober, president of Bejuba!
Entertainment. “There’s a dearth of great programming worldwide for this age group, and this series is
fun, and adventurous. Ghosts, time travel, kids getting ghostly powers? What’s not to love?”
“For us Ghosts of Time was chance to revisit the classic humor and adventure of some of our great
sitcoms from the past, but reshaped for a 21st Century young audience.” Says Geoff Watson of Three’s A
Company, “We have used 2D animation and have captured a revived retro feel that is fresh.”
Ghosts of Time, created by Karen Horne, follows 4 kids who meet Theo, a mischievous and eccentric old
ghost. He’s trapped in his derelict mansion unless he returns his stolen antiques to the rightful owners
he stole them from in the first place. Whenever the kids and Theo touch the stolen antique, they get
transported back in time. Then the fun begins as they have to figure out who the piece belongs to and
return the artifact. When the kids time travel, they too take on ghostly powers, which takes some
getting used to!

Stella and Sam around the World with New Sales and Award Nominations

STELLA AND SAM around the World with New Sales and Award Nominations.


(Ontario, Canada) (Feb 22, 2012) Bejuba! Entertainment, the executive production/distribution company announced new sales for STELLA AND SAM, the award-winning pre-school series, based on the best-selling books by Marie-Louise Gay. The series is produced by Radical Sheep Productions in Canada, and is commissioned by Disney JR Canada. zincRoe created the comphensive interactive components to the series. As the second series (13 x half hour, 26 x 11min) delivers this month, Sandrine Pechels de Saint Sardos, VP of Distribution for Bejuba! revealed new sales with Canal + (France), NRK(Norway), RUV(Iceland), and Estonian Public Broadcasting. “STELLA AND SAM has already been sold to a number of prestigious channels globally (YLE, HOP, Disney Australia, PakaPaka Argentina, TFO) and this latest raft of the sales

reflects the nods the series has been getting on the awards circuit.”

The Prix Jeunesse Awards recently announced that the series is a finalist in the “up to 6” division for this June’s awards ceremony. “We’re delighted with this latest nomination by the European community and believe that the world is falling in love with these soon to be classic characters,” says John Leitch, President of Radical Sheep Productions. “We’re also excited about our three young lead actors being nominated for the upcoming Actra Awards later this month.”

Radical Sheep Productions adapted STELLA AND SAM for Family Channel/Disney Junior from the award-winning book series by Marie-Louise Gay. The books have sold in over 30 countries and have sold over 1 million books. With wild red hair and an imagination to match, nine-yearold Stella is truly a ‘star’ in the eyes of her four-year-old brother Sam. As they explore the world in all its seasons, Stella and Sam encounter backyard quests and comical mishaps. Every day is a new adventure as Stella and Sam share the joy of discovering that they have what it takes to face the biggest adventure of all – growing up. STELLA AND SAM is animated with the unique watercolour style that reflects the familiar illustrations of Marie-Louise Gay and features storylines that are inspired by the imaginative play of children.

Stella and Sam (26 x half hours; 52 x 11min -13 x half hours available now) recently garnered the 2012 and 2011 Platinum Pixie award for Animation, the 2011 Banff Rocky Awards, Children’s Programs 2+ Fiction category and the GRAND PRIZE at the 2011 Youth Media Alliance Awards.

Stella and Sam Head into Mipcom Securing New Sales

Bejuba! Entertainment announces a raft of deals as they zoom into MIP .

Sandrine Pechels de Saint Sardos, VP of distribution announced a raft of deals for Bejuba!  Entertainment today.  “It’s been a busy few months, and we’re delighted that we’ll be entering the market with a host of new deals. “

“Stella and Sam”, the pre-school series produced by Radical Sheep Productions for PLAYHOUSE DISNEY Canada – Family Channel, has been sold to TFO, YLE, NRK, HOP,  .  The series is based on the hit book series by Marie Louise Gay which have sold over 1 million books worldwide, and been sold to over 30 countries.  Stella and Sam are brother and sister who embark on adventures led by older Stella.  The series launches on October 3rd in French.

Zooville – a 52 x 5 minute series celebrating the animals in your neighborhood and  created by B612 has been sold to Cartoon Network Italy, and TVO.  The series is in its third season on SRC Canada.  A smashing new website has been created with the help of the ….Media Fund.  The website adds an entirely new dimension to the factual and entertaining series.

Bun and Bunee, a series of shorts 52 x 1 minutes has sold to Disney Latin America.

The Hive has also secured more sales as it begins its delivery.  YLE Finland, ABC Australia, Hop Israel have all pre-bought the series.  

Bejuba! Entertainment Secures A Raft of New Sales for Award-Winning Animated Stella and Sam

For Immediate Release

(Ontario. Canada)  (May 19/2011) Executive production and distribution company Bejuba! Entertainment announces a raft of new international sales deals for the award-winning animated seriesStella and Sam.

Newest broadcast partners include Disney Channel Australia , YLE (Finland), RTP (Portugal), NRK (Norway), HOP (Israel), TFO (Canada), PakaPaka (Argentina) and.

“We are delighted to have secured these additional sales for a series that is so full of character, and promises to become a classic!”" said Sandrine Pechels de Saint Sardos, VP of Distribution at Bejuba! Entertainment. “We look forward to working with all of these broadcasters to make ‘Stella and Sam’ a leading global property."

Radical Sheep Productions adapted Stella and Sam for Family Channel/Disney Junior from the award-winning book series by Marie-Louise Gay.  The books have sold in over 30 countries and have sold over 1 million books..  With[HW1] wild red hair and an imagination to match, nine-year-old Stella is truly a ‘star’ in the eyes of her four-year-old brother Sam. As they explore the world in all its seasons, Stella and Sam encounter backyard quests and comical mishaps. Every day is a new adventure as Stella and Sam share the joy of discovering that they have what it takes to face the biggest adventure of all – growing up. Stella and Sam is animated with the unique watercolour style that reflects the familiar illustrations of Marie-Louise Gay and features storylines that are inspired by the imaginative play ofchildren.

Stella and Sam  (26 x half hours; 52 x 11min - 13 x half hours available now) recently garnered the 2011 Platinum Pixie award for Animation, and is currently nominated for a 2011 Banff Rocky Awards, Children’s Programs 2+ Fiction category (June 12th) and a 2011 Youth Media Alliance Awards - Preschool Animated Program 3-5 (June 2nd) among others.

Bejuba! Brings in The Honey with The Hive

Bejuba! Entertainment Inc. has signed a raft of new deals for The Hive, announced Sandrine Pechels de Saint Sardos VP of Distribution. Bejuba! holds worldwide rights for both TV,DVD and digital distribution on behalf of The Hive Enterprises and has secured new DVD deals that will see a Russian language version distributed by Noviy Disc in Russia, Georgia and CIS, whilst Magna will undertake distribution of the English version across Australia and New Zealand. For TV, Bejuba! has secured new broadcasting deals with ABC Australia,YLE in Finland, and Hop in Israel..  Please change order and announce broadcast deals first

The Hive is a new CGI series from The Hive Enterprises Ltd, produced by Monumental Productions, Lupus Films and DQ Entertainment, and comprises of 26 x commercial half hours(78 seven-minute) episodes, which follow the fortunes of the happy, friendly and extremely cute Bee family, who live together in Honeybee Hive. Storylines explore the themes of family, working together to solve problems, being part of a diverse community, and caring for the environment. The show recently started airing on ITV`s `The Fluffy Club`

"Bejuba! is so excited The Hive have been placed with these prestigious broadcasters around the world. The series is so appealing we are confident that the buzz will continue", says Pechels de Saint Sardos.

These new deals add to an extensive worldwide television presence for The Hive - Walt Disney Company EMEA has already picked up the show in a multi-territory deal that will see The Hive shown from early 2011 on the channel in France, Germany (GSA), Italy, Spain, South-east Asia, Korea, Japan, India, Latin America, Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Bejuba Announces New Shows at MIPCOM JR. 2010

For Immediate Release

MONTREAL: Bejuba! Entertainment has secured two brand new completed series to take to MIPCOMJR. and Mipcom, Tatiana Kober, President of Bejuba! announced. The company is also delighted to announce that episodes of their long awaited pre-school shows, "Stella and Sam" and "The Hive" are delivering.

"Mr. Moon", a 26 x half hour series (52 x 11min) pre-school series, about Mr. Moon and his adventures in the night sky is launching this market. Bejuba! has the television, DVD and digital rights for the world excluding Asia. Small Screen Distribution will be taking care of Asia. The series is a co-production between Sparky Animation PTE. Ltd. , Galileo Productions in the UK and Title Entertainment in Canada. it is produced in cooperation with Playhouse Disney UK, TVO Kids, Knowledge Network, and SCN.. "Mr. Moon" is based on the book series by British author and illustrator Kate Veale.

Bejuba! is also delighted to be bringing the Emmy Award nominated "Fizzy's Lunch Lab" series to the market. This media property has aired on the PBS website in the United States and is created by CloudKid Studios and Hero4Hire. The web series - which is broadcast quality - together with its extensive website, promotes healthy eating, the importance of good food and nutrition, and excellent snack and mealtime recipes. Currently there are 47 episodes ranging in length from one minute to 5 minute segments. "Fizzy's Lunch Lab" is in production of its second season.

MIPCOM Pre-Sales Release




TORONTO & LOS ANGELES -- (October 8, 2008) – Bejuba! Entertainment announces new international agreements for animated children’s series, Jibber Jabber going into MIPCOM 2008. Jibber Jabber is a YTV Original Series, Northwest Imaging and FX and Jibber Jabber Toons Ltd. Production.

Jibber Jabber (13 x 30’), has been sold to KIKA Germany, Jetix (Latin America), TRT (Turkey), E-Vision (Middle East), RTP (Portugal), Noga (Israel), ABC (Australia) and Al Jazeera Children’s Channel.

Launched in Canada on YTV in September, Jibber Jabber is an animated series about fraternal twin brothers, Jibber and Jabber, who have inexhaustible imaginations and only one thing on their two minds: action and adventure. Jibber and Jabber share the same imaginative point of view. It is as realistic to them as if the event is actually taking place … with all the excitement, fun and danger that comes with high adventure. The audiences’ point of view moves back and forth between the boys’ imagination and the real situation as it unfolds in their house and backyard. And all of this is witnessed by their old sister Jessica and pet dog, Jelly Roll. Never underestimate the power of two, and never underestimate the power of two boys!

Spooky Investigations Release



All New Spooky Investigations Animated Series Debuts Fall 2010


TORONTO & LOS ANGELES -- (September 17, 2008) – Bejuba! Entertainment has partnered with Skaramoosh London Ltd. and Creative Visual Media to develop Spooky Investigationsan all new animated series designed to continue the comedic adventures of the popular Spooky Sisters shorts produced by Skaramoosh for Disney UK, it was announced by Bejuba! Entertainment President Tatiana Kober.

Bejuba! will serve as executive producer and distributor of the series, in addition to seeking out co-production partners and securing financing for the production of new half hours, or 52 x 11-minute episodes slated for broadcast in 2010.

Most recently, the original Spooky Sisters series of shorts enjoyed successful runs on ABC in Australia and Binweevils.co.uk, the UK-based children’s online entertainment platform that boasts over 850,000 visitors per month. These shorts will be available for screening at MIPCOM JR.

While retaining all the comic hallmarks of the original shorts, the new production will follow the adventures of the intrepid sisters, Amelia and Cecelia Spooky, as they form a self-styled paranormal investigation agency especially for kids. Together with their cousin Boris, a 200-year-old teenage vampire who turns into a bat, the sisters will investigate any spooky mystery which grownups consider too farfetched to believe.

Spooky Sisters was the beginning of an exciting new franchise. While the series of shorts concentrated on the fighting power of the sisters, the new long form series will focus on the paranormal, the mysteries and the fun – three things kids love,” said Kober. “We are excited to be working with Skaramoosh and CVM, and look forward to building a global audience of loyal viewers.”

“CVM is thrilled to be collaborating with Bejuba on the next installment of the Spooky Sisters franchise, Spooky Investigations,” said CVM Managing Director Karl Woolley. “The success of the shorts on Binweevils made us realize that these sisters had far more potential. Boys and girls love to watch the sisters and are writing us asking for more episodes. This track record led us to believe we had to get involved in this franchise.”

Daniel Slight, managing director of Skaramoosh stated, “Bejuba’s rich market experience and recent successes in animation co-production will be key ingredients in realizing our vision for the new series and in finding a new global audience for the show. With our fantastic new team, we have developed the show to a point where it is even stronger, better looking and funnier than before.”

Fairies and Nono Forest Release


New Children’s Series Available Worldwide

TORONTO & LOS ANGELES -- (September XX, 2008) – Bejuba! Entertainment has set MIPCOM JUNIOR 2008 for the worldwide debut to two new completed children’s series, it was announced by Bejuba! Entertainment President Tatiana Kober.

Stone Age Forest a.k.a. NoNo Forest (26 x 12 min.) is a hilarious new animated series produced by China’s Shiao Animation that harkens back to the antics of the classics with dialogue-free slapstick comedy. It’s a time before civilization, where survival is key. But for our hero, Abu, and the other cavemen and animal creatures, life is not always easy. In fact, it’s downright funny and rather outrageous humor that will appeal to all ages. In addition to 12-minute episodes, Stone Age Forest will also be available in a shortened version.

The Fairies (52 x 30 min, and format rights) is a live-action musical series, unashamedly for girls. Designed for preschoolers, The Fairies stars Harmony and Rhapsody, two young adult fairies who explore Fairyland through play and adventure with their days full of magic, friends, giggles, singing and dancing. The series also boasts five one-hour specials, an immense licensing campaign, and a third season which is about to be green lit for production. Already a hit on Channel 7 and Nickelodeon in Australia, Bejuba! is offering the series at MIPCOM as well as selling the format rights in certain foreign language territories.

Bejuba! represents The Fairies TV series for the world excluding Australia, the Americas, Spain, Portugal, Middle East, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe,

“The addition of these two terrific series to our catalogue will ensure that we’ll be able to delight kids of all ages. We’ve got a preschool series for girls which is magical, and a prehistoric comedy series for all ages which is hysterical,” said Kober.

Jen Watts commented “Tatiana’s two little girls fell in love with The Fairies TV show and showed Tatiana the magic ofThe Fairies for little girls. Because of this, I know my TV show is in the very best of hands.”

Kun Wu, Managing Director of Shiao Animation commented “We are very excited that Bejuba! will be premiering Stone Age Forest at MIPCOM JUNIOR. This is our first of hopefully many series and we’re excited with the enthusiasm that the series has already been met with.”

Ricky Sprocket Additional Territories


Bejuba! Entertainment Licenses Animated Comedy to Dozens of Additional Nickelodeon Channels

(Toronto) (Los Angeles)-- (September 10, 2008)-- Executive production and distribution company, Bejuba! Entertainment, has secured Ricky Sprocket’s rise to global stardom with sales of the namesake animated comedy series to 29 new international territories through a deal with Nickelodeon, it was announced by President, Tatiana Kober. The series is co-produced by Studio B Productions, a subsidiary of DHX Media Ltd., and Snowden Fine Animation in association with Bejuba! Entertainment.

Coming on the heels of a deal signed with France 5, the new agreement with Nickelodeon licenses Ricky Sprocket – Showbiz Boy (26x22'/52x11') for broadcast on the Nickelodeon channels in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Hungary, Malta, Nigeria, Turkey, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Israel and The African Continent.

“We are thrilled to expand the reach of this entertaining property to children throughout the international marketplace following Ricky Sprocket’s recent success as part of Nicktoons’ extensive international roll-out across 12 Nickelodeon channels, which included Nick UK and Nick Australia,” said Kober. “This new deal underscores Ricky’s universal appeal as a kid who, despite his stardom, has many of the same experiences and must deal with the same issues regular kids face every day.”

The 2-D comedy is currently stripped on Nicktoons Network US, TELETOON Canada, and Nickelodeon UK, Australia, Latin America, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Scandinavia.

Ricky Sprocket – Showbiz Boy (26x22'/52x11') chronicles the adventures of superstar child actor Ricky Sprocket as he tries to balance family, friends and school with the pressures of his crazy showbiz life.

Media Contact: Sabrina Propper, R Propper International Public Relations spropper@rpipr.com; mobile: 818.515.5798